What we do - Sailing Holidays

Skippered Yacht Holidays

Yachting Lifestyle offers you sailing holidays anywhere in the world. We carefully plan your yacht holidays, select experienced skippers and wonderful destinations, so that you can enjoy a perfect time. In our Sailing Event Weeks or Flotillas, there will be more yachts sailing together, with the same pre-set dates, itineraries and destinations. You may charter a spot, a cabin or the entire yacht. You can choose between monohull or catamaran sailing. Gather your friends, set a date and forget about anything else. We’ll take care of the rest.

Private Sailing Events

Yachting Lifestyle organises private sailing events anywhere in the world. Gather your friends, set a date and forget about anything else. We’ll take care of the rest. Honeymoon? Bachelor Party? Graduation? Birthday Party? Let us organise the holiday of your dreams! We do also organise photo shootings and product launches aboard. Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable boat for you and your friends, will walk you through different routes and destinations and will advice you in organising the week’s schedule according to your preferences. Of course, you have permanent support from our team.

Corporate Sailing Events

Sailing is a team sport, and during a race the team experiences working under pressure. A sailing team is made-up of strong personalities, with well defined roles and a common goal: to win as many races as they can and earn themselves the highest place possible. Sailing teaches you the most important leadership lesson: decide now or you are losing precious time. Yachting Lifestyle organises team buildings adapted to your team’s needs in the Mediterranean. The trainers have strong business background and the skippers are very experienced sailors.

Bareboat Yacht Charter

You are the Skipper! It’s a chartered yacht with fully equipped kitchens (galleys) and safety gear. You or one of your group will need to captain the yacht which will require a sailing qualification. Just name us your desired options and let our travel experts find the perfect offer for you. Book your yacht and set sail to your dreamy getaway!

Why Yachting Lifestyle?

A hidden beach, a unchartered cave, sitting on the deck of your yacht while having a cocktail at sunset. Dream destinations are exactly what we offer for your yacht vacation. Because of our passion for sailing and travelling, we can create anything you need for your perfect vacation, in one of our carefully selected destinations.
It's either you do it with passion, or not at all.
We, at Yachting Lifestyle, are a team of people who fell in love with sailing and decided to let our passion lead us into the most spectacular places in the world.
Our highest satisfaction are happy clients. We listen to your needs and design thoughtfully refined sailing holidays, so that you can enjoy the time of your life onboard.
With Yachting Lifestyle you will have impeccable maintained sailboats, carefully selected destinations and high experienced skippers.

Why a sailing holiday?

  • Picturesque fishing harbours, idyllic anchorages, history and culture
  • Experience the feeling of freedom that comes from jumping off the yacht into crystal clear water
  • Explore some of the most beautiful islands on Earth
  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Enjoy a glass of wine at sunset in the cockpit, looking out over the water and listening to some good music
  • The best holidays are sailing holidays!
  • If I don't sleep on deck, I choose always one of the beam cabins, so that see the flag through the hatch in the morning. It's a view with coffee flavour, touched by some good morning music. It's the view that's saying "it's windy today, perfect for sailing!" And if there's no wind, no worries, we will motor it further. We laugh, talk, have a drink...while the last nights destination disappears behind us. This salty mix, the wind, having a bath somewhere in the middle of the sea, sails, anchoring in a wild bay, mint in your cocktail, Pink Martini with "ne veut pas travailler", nights on watch...this mix is my spoiled freedom vibe...sailing holidays...

    Dana V.,

  • It was a sweet and salty mix with mint, strawberries and basil favours. We had it all...sun, rum, beautiful people, breathtaking views, turquoise waters and mindblowing sunsets. I have seen all this before, but the best ingredient of all were the people with whom I've shared it. This is the most important of it all... Sooo... A BIG THANK YOU! Can't wait for the next one!

    Eliza E,

  • Let's talk about freedom...happiness...wild experience...life...art...moments...friendship...adventure...love...inner peace...miracles...fun in the sun...cloudy nights and sunny mornings...the blue sea and the full moon... Let's talk about doing what you love... I love freedom...Can't wait for the next one!


  • Thank you very much for the sailing holiday in the Ionian Islands. I have to admit that the route you suggested was exactly what we wished for. Being with the whole family I was a little anxious how they will react and how everything will happen. But it was great, we visited unbelievably beautiful places - the Fagri was delicious! Our kids have enjoyed it a lot, as well as our friends. We're already planning for next year! See you soon!


  • It was a fantastic experience! The boat, the sea, the places, our new friends onboard, it was a perfect match that made our holiday even more beautiful. We still dream about the freedom that such a holiday gives you - to jump in the sea whenever you like...to sleep on deck under the stars... It was an unforgettable week, and I would recommend this experience to anyone, like I did it with all my friends. The freedom you feel onboard is addictive and we are already planning our next trip!

    Alexandra K.,

  • It's pretty had to explain how and what I was feeling... But I will try... Don't know...it seems THE ULTIMATE VACATION: the sea, bathing everywhere, strangers, interesting people, clubs, the sky full of stars...everywhere stars on the sky...and everything is absolutely natural. Compared to real life, where you don't look further than 3m, here you feel the need to watch the sky. And it's because of the boat... I knew from previous discussions that we will feel the breeze all day long, but the way it feels was beyond my expectations. There is something happening, the wind, the darkness, the music...everything fits together perfectly, it's a unique symbiosis that amplifies what you feel and makes you want it more. The music sounds better, the breeze is different, the darkness is brighter... The watermelon cocktail...is not only that it tastes different, but the thing is how it's shared...

    Thibaut M.,


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