Catamaran Sailing Holidays

Catamaran sailing holidays

Charter Catamaran Sailing Holidays – Your day onboard

There is a big difference between catamaran sailing holidays and monohull sailing holidays. Not because of the schedule, which could be almost the same, but because of what a catamaran has to offer for your sailing vacation.

The price is indeed 20-30% higher, but read further and decide yourself if its worth it or not…

Probably you will sleep on deck – this is what I would do – catamarans have plenty of space outside and to sleep under the clear sky is a “must do” during your holiday onboard. I’m thinking about having a shower before coffee…yes, I’m talking about jumping in the crystal clear water. You just cannot fight it! There is also a coffee flavour coming out through the big windows, so if your first pleasure in the morning is coffee…enjoy it! I will jump! And have the coffee after ?


Depending on what you prefer, or if you’re anchored in a wild lovely bay or moored in a marina, you can either have it onboard, or at a restaurant. Usually, we have it onboard, remembering the last night and planning the day.

After breakfast we will stay wherever we are anchored, go on shore to do some sightseeing and maybe shopping. Island hopping is a must, you’ll have plenty of time to get your tan while underway. And as I already said, you’ll also have plenty of sundeck space in your catamaran sailing holiday.

After everyone is back onboard, we will set sail to the next location.

During the day

While sailing a catamaran, just relax and enjoy the ride. And enjoy you will since catamarans are more stable, and there is no heel sailing. So you can sunbathe, enjoy a cool drink or even cook a delicious meal under full sails. Don’t be afraid, the glasses will not tip over and that you will not make a mess, since catamarans rarely heel. If we decide, however, to leave earlier and not to have lunch while sailing, we can find a quiet spot to anchor, have a bath, lunch… As catamarans have shallow draft, for lunchtime we can choose some lovely bay and anchor right in front of a beach and enjoy your lunch on deck while having a beautiful view. After lunch you can again swim, sunbathe, do some water sport or simply rest somewhere in privacy…cause as I said at the beginning…there is plenty. You can find a quiet spot just for yourself to enjoy in, read a book or take a nap.


As the evening approaches, we can set off to the nearest marina. That is, unless you are already in one. Or if you liked the spot at lunch, we could stay at anchor and enjoy the nature’s “naked”, pure show. But, if you decide to stay in a marina, after we find a nice spot for our catamaran, all there is left is to decide where and how to spend the rest of the evening. There are many options; have a nice dinner in a cozy restaurant, sightseeing, do some grocery shopping, exploring the shore, we can also go and see what the local nightlife has to offer. Or we can simply stay on our catamaran enjoying another sundowner.

We offer catamaran sailing holidays in all our sailing destinations. Browse our Sailing Events and choose the one that suits you more.

Fair winds,