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It’s Adrian here. I was thinking about what would be the most interesting thing for you to read on our blog… And it came to me… You need to find out more about sailing holidays, to visualise what a sailing holiday means. What we do, how we do it and at last but not least, why we do it. I also found out that many people are quite excited when they hear about sailing, but somehow they got the wrong idea of being a too expensive way of travelling.

Thinking about sailing holidays, but not knowing if it will suit you?

Today I will start a series of posts that will help you better understand how it’s like to join a sailing holiday. I will tell you what types of yachts we are using – monohulls and catamarans, what to take, what to expect from your holiday, how a day on board looks like and many other useful information. A post will be dedicated to prices and explain how they are formed, what the extra-costs are, how you can save money when going on a sailing holiday. You will also find out what are the price differences between an older and a newer yacht.

A sailing holiday is one of the most beautiful ways to travel and discover new places, most of them inaccessible from shore. It is fun and a great experience, providing sweet respite and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives.

Sailing lets you explore the majestic seas first-hand. You will take in breath taking views without obstruction, discover many diverse and mysterious cultural heritages, bask in the sun, and experience peace like no other adventure can offer.

Are you interested in sailing, or sailing holidays? Thinking about sailing holidays, but not knowing if it will suit you? Or maybe just interested to read stories about the places we’re exploring?

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