Sailing tips


Do I need sailing experience?

No, sailing experience is not required to go on a sailing holiday with us. If you wish to sail yourself, our skippers will be more than happy to teach you the basics of sailing.

Where do we sail?

We provide suggested itineraries in our sailing event, but because everyone is different we can adapt the itinerary to your specific request.

Are sailing holidays family friendly?

Absolutely. A sailing holiday is great for children of all ages. We are visiting different ports and islands every day and there's always something going on. Our skippers enjoy showing the kids the ropes and even let them get behind the helm for a bit of sailing! We will provide children with life jackets and safety harnesses, as well as netting completely the sailboat. It's a very safe environment.

Where will we eat?

Depending on what you wish, you will be eating on the boat during the day and go for dinner in the evenings. Anyway, food and drinks need to be organised separately. You, as a crew, will also need to take care of your skipper. You need to have enough food and drinks on board for the skipper to eat and drink during the day and in the evening.

Is the transport to the marina included?

Plane tickets and transfers to the marina are not included. But, if you wish, we could take care of the entire package for you.

What about seasickness?

Seasickness is very rare and there seem to be good options, from medicine to seasickness wristbands.

How much does the holiday cost?

Yachting Lifestyle can charter you the yacht only, leaving you to arrange the skipper, sailing route, flights and transfers, or we can do the entire package. Prices are based on the cost of the yacht divided by the number of people travelling, plus flights and transfers. The closer you are to capacity on a yacht, the cheaper per person the holiday becomes.

Don't forget about your skipper...

Provide the skipper with food and drinks while you are on holiday...he is the one that will TAKE YOU PLACES YOU'VE NEVER BEEN and WILL SHOW YOU THINGS YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN

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